World Environment Day

​Today we all celebrate World Environment Day. This year's theme is biodiversity, as all aspects of our life depend on the state of nature and biodiversity: the quality of air, water, food and resources. The situation in Norilsk with a fuel spill darkened this day and causes serious concern for the consequences for nature, which have yet to be assessed.

Therefore, today its important as ever consider environmental reality rather than the nominal responsibility of large industrial and oil and gas companies, on which state of the environment largely depends. The joint project of CREON Group and WWF России Rational Approach encourages enterprises to reduce the burden on nature and move to a sustainable development model taking into account ESG factors - indicators of environmental responsibility, attitude to society and corporate governance.

Since 2014, the rating has been held in Russia, later the oil companies of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan joined, and we expect that more and more companies will strive to improve their environmental performance. Because oil and gas companies undergo not only an internal audit to the board of directors, banks and shareholders, but also an external one to the company. And participation in environmental ratings contributes to the development of environmental culture and social responsibility.

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